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Senior Management

General Director of PORT FLEET CJSC Evgenii A. Savkin was born on August 7, 1979, in Leningrad. Graduated from St.-Petersburg University of Water Communications, the department of economics and management. 1997-2004 he worked for First Stevedoring Company (a part of Seaport of St.-Petersburg group of companies), 2004-2006 – for PORT FLEET CJSC; held the position of the General Director of NEB-Towing Service LLC since January 27, 2006. On May 21, 2007 he was appointed the General Director of PORT FLEET CJSC. Since March 26, 2009 Savkin supported master’s thesis ‘Social safety system assistance within recession conditions’ in St.-Petersburg State University of economics and finance. Evgeniy has one daughter and son.

Vladimir G. Solodyannikov, General Director of Ecological Fleet LLC, was born on February 4, 1961 in the Republic of Karelia. He graduated from Leningrad Institute of water transport and was conferred a qualification of mechanical engineer. In1989 - 1997 he worked in Leningrad seaport, which became Seaport of Sain-Petersburg OJSC in 1992. From January 1, 1998 till January 16, 2008 he held a position of Administrative Director of PORTFLEET CJSC. On January 17, 2008 was appointed General Director of Ecological Fleet LLC. Vladimir Gennadievich is married and has a son.

Boris B. Kudryavtsev Deputy General Director PORTFLEET CJSC was born on December 6, 1961 in Syktyvkar, Komi АSSR. In 1984 he graduated from Teachers Training Institute, and then worked as a teacher of English for 5 years. 1989 - 2005 he served in customs units of the USSR and theRF. He is a major general of customs service. In 1997 he graduated from North-West Academy of Public Administration, discipline of legal studies with honours. He took a position of CEO cargo customs terminal in the sphere of logistics after service in customs unit. He has been holding a position of Deputy General Director of Finance in PORTFLEET CJSC since 2007. Boris Borisovich is married, has a son and two daughters and a grand-daughter.

Vladimir I. Shehovtsov Director for navigation safety of PORTFLEET CJSC started his work in sea fleet in 1965 as a sailor of Baltic Shipping Co., where he served until getting the rank of deep-sea captain after graduating from State Maritime Academy named after Makarov. Since 2000 he successfully employs experience in PORTFLEET CJSC. His high professionalism was acknowledged by such awards as Trudovaya Doblest, 300-anniversary of Russian fleet, Labour Veteran, 300-anniversary of Saint-Petersburg, Honoured employee of sea fleet etc. Vladimir Ivanovich is married, has a son a daughter and three grand-children.

Alexei A. Sheika, Technical director of PORTFLEET CJSC, was born in Donetsk, in 1961. In 1980 he graduated from Herson Maritime Academy, in 1989 – from Novorossiisk Higher Engineering Sea School, speciality – operation of shipping automated systems, shipping power units. In 1980 - 1996 worked for Novorossiisk Shipping  Co. and the companies of its group. He became an engineer since 1996, 1999 - 2003 – chief engineer of Port fleet of Novorossiisk Commercial seaport. In 2003-2004 he worked for GU Marine Administration of Novorossiisk port, in the department of technical operation of fleet FGUP Rosmorport. He was appointed Technical director of PORTFLEET CJSC in September, 2004. An award ‘Honorable man of sea fleet’ was given to him.

Marina I. Moisyuk was born in Nikolskoe town (Leningrad region) on May 13, 1971. In 1990 she graduated from Leningrad technical school of public catering, discipline of trade accountant; she has her higher education in Economics and company management. She hold a position of Chief accountant in Torgportproduct LLC since 1998, in 2000-2008 – worked as a Chief accountant for Sovex CJSC. She was awarded a sign ’85 anniversary of Civil aviation’ under Russian Ministry of Transport order; for outstanding achievements on accounting and auditing organization and keeping she was awarded a sign ‘Best accountant of Russia-2007’, and a medal ‘Accountant honour of Russia’. She has been responsible for economic policy of PORTFLEET CJSC since February. She is married, has two sons.

Evgenii V. Koshev, Operational director of Ecological Fleet LLC, was born and grew in Arkhangelsk. He entered Leningrad Military Institute of admiral Makarov, started to work in Leningrad commercial seaport in 1989. He passed all the career stages: sailor’s apprentice, senior machinist sailor, senior shiftman, deputy head of PDO, head of PDO, deputy operational director. On May 15, 2009 he was appointed Operational director of Ecological Fleet LLC. Evgenii Vladimirovich is married, has a son and a daughter.

First Deputy General Director of Ecological Fleet LLC Bukarin Vitaly V. was born June 27, 1961 in Leningrad. After school he entered the Leningrad Engineering-Economics Institute named after Palmiro Togliatti. In Port Fleet came to work in 1984 as Senior Economist. From 2008 until the present time, Vitaly V. occupies the post of first deputy general director of Ecological Fleet LLC.

Andrei V. Shishkin, CEO of Saturn LLC, was born on July 13, 1973, in Katav-Ivanovsk, Chelyabinsk region. He served in the Army, in Krasnoznamennyi Pacific Border District after leaving school. He has a higher legal education. In 2007 he was appointed Head of department in PORT FLEET OJSC; CEO of Saturn LLC since 2009. Andrei Vladimirovich is married and has a daughter.

Iliya A. Nemchinov, Director of Eridan LLC, was born on July 6, 1961 in Kaspiisks, Dagestan ASSR, but soon his family moved to Leningrad region. In 1976-1980 he studied in Leningrad Arctic academy, discipline of ship engineer. His first working practice took place in Portfleet in 1978. He worked and studied in State Maritime Academy of admiral Makarov after assignment, where he got his diploma in 1987, discipline marine engineer. He started sailing as I and II class machinist, IV ship engineer, worked in the Baltic Shipping Company since 1989 as III ship engineer, II ship engineer, chief engineer. In 1996 he came back to State Maritime Academy of admiral Makarov to hold a position of chief engineer of Mir sail-boat. In 1998 started his work for PORTFLEET CJSC as an engineer for repair, he than ran ship-repair enterprise Eridan LLC. Iliya Arturovich is married, has five children and two grandchildren.