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Senior Management

General Director of PORT FLEET CJSC Evgenii A. Savkin was born on August 7, 1979, in Leningrad. Graduated from St.-Petersburg University of Water Communications, the department of economics and management. 1997-2004 he worked for First Stevedoring Company (a part of Seaport of St.-Petersburg group of companies), 2004-2006 – for PORT FLEET CJSC; held the position of the General Director of NEB-Towing Service LLC since January 27, 2006. On May 21, 2007 he was appointed the General Director of PORT FLEET CJSC. Since March 26, 2009 Savkin supported master’s thesis ‘Social safety system assistance within recession conditions’ in St.-Petersburg State University of economics and finance. Evgeniy has one daughter and son.