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Company’s Policy

LLC Ecological Fleet is a company that provides services for collection and recycling of contaminated waters and wastes from ships, cleaning and painting of the ship's tanks and reservoirs, supplying potable water, steam and hot water to vessels, as well as providing towing vessels.

Devoted to consumers’ demand for the service quality and being responsible for high eco-standards, we are focused on the effective use of all resources, materials and energy, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, as well as on the reliability, accuracy and unconditional compliance with the requirements of consumers. We will sustain the functioning of established environmental management systems and quality management system, making them a key element of our corporate strategy and an integral part of the company’s economic activity. Our work is based on the following principles:

  • Consumers-driven approach in fulfillment of their demands and meeting their expectations;
  • Devotion to current environmental legislation, national and international eco standards while carrying out our activity;  
  • Minimizing the negative environmental impacts associated with the activities of our Company;
  • Development and permanent improvement of the Quality Management System and Ecology Management System (QMS & EMS)
  • Establishing goals and objectives, consistent with a gradual improvement in the effectiveness of the QMS and EMS.
  • Prevention of problems rather than dealing with the aftereffects, including pollution prevention through strict compliance with all requirements of the EMS and QMS, legislation, and improving the technologies and equipment in our work.
  • Awareness of our personnel in the importance of eco-friendly approach.
  • Participation of all our staff in ensuring the effectiveness of QMS and EMS processes based on the personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of work performed.

The top management of the Company commits itself to the implementation of the Company’s policy.

General Director
V.G. Solodyannikov