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Eridan LLC

ERIDAN LLC was founded in 2007. The company provides the services of vessels repair in the ports of North-Western region. Quality policy defines the Company’s strategy and is aimed at providing ship-owners with qualified service maintenance and repair of vessels.

The company provides the following services under the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian Inland Waters register:

  • Defects survey and repair of ship’s service systems, pipelines, carcasses.
  • Defects survey and repair of ship’s equipment.
  • Defects survey and repair of auxiliary machineries.
  • Defects survey and repair of boilers, heat-exchangers and pressure tanks.
  • Defects survey and repair of electrical units.
  • Welding works that does not affect vessel structure.
  • Finishing works.
  • Calibration of heat engineering and electrical measurement means.
  • Elaboration of technical documentation on installation and assembling of electronic aids to navigation (including Global Maritime Distress and Safety System).
  • Assembling, repair and syntony of electronic aids to navigation including Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.
  • Elimination of deviations in marine compasses.
  • Underwater inspection of vessels hulls and rudder-propeller units with video shooting and wall loss measurement of vessels hulls.
  • Fire-fighting and fire-alarm service.
  • Repair of staircases, vessels brows (steel, aluminum).
Providing ship-owners with high quality services on vessels repair and maintenance is the main objective of ERIDAN LLC.

ERIDAN LLC implemented a quality management system satisfying requirements of MS ISO 9001:2000 standards in diving operations, vessels repair, metrology, technical service and supply, industrial-use products.

ERIDAN LLC improves the quality of the services provided by regular training of it employees and their qualification development. There are 60 employees working for the company.

In its business Eridan company is a second-stage dealer of ZEPPELIN – RUSSLAND LLC occupied in marketing of Caterpillar engines, their parts and service maintenance (they are specialized in vessels and power engines). The Company also works in co-operation with SAMYUNG MARINE LLC, an authorized distributor of Samyung ENC Co. (South Korea) in Russia, RADIO-NAVIGATOR LLC, authorized distributor of Japan Radio Co. Ltd (JRC) (Japan) in Russia, HANSSON company, involved in integrated supply of vessels and others.