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Ecological Fleet LLC carries out activity on collection, transportation and recycling of vessels waste and household rubbish. An integrated approach on hazardous waste management, starting from their collection till neutralization or disposal, enables the Company to fully control each stage of process flows. It ensures maximum ecological safety of the water area of the Big Port of St.-Petersburg and other ports of Russian part of the Gulf of Finland where the Company’s fleet operates.

In order to meet the customer requirements and creating a system of permanent improvements, the Company has introduced a management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Company’s vessels use world-class flange joint hoses to carry out ecological operations. Each hose has a certificate of quality and a test certificate.

Oil-contaminated water pumped from a vessel is delivered to own water treatment plants: Ecomarine-1, Ecomarine-3. Domestic-feces water and household garbage are treated at Ecomarine-2 plant. All the operations on liquid waste and domestic garbage receiving are carried out to eliminate their transfer into the port water area and the port territory. The volume of the waste received from the vessel is measured in cubic meters. Waste volume is recorded in a note of waste receipt which is further signed by the captains of a collecting vessel and a customer-vessel or by its representatives. Oil-contaminated waste is received from the vessels under ‘Regulation of waste receiving in the port of St.-Petersburg from the vessels necessarily paying ecological dues’ passed in the port, 2006.

In particular, the aforementioned document approves the procedure of waste receiving that is separately related to receiving of domestic-feces and oil-contaminated water as well as dry garbage. The procedure of selection and execution of test samples when receiving bilge water from vessels is also stipulated in the Regulation which additionally improves safety of works in the port water area.

The waste collected from vessels is unloaded with specialized motor-vehicles and handed over to a disinfection unit of an incinerating complex where the veterinary station specialists decontaminate the waste. The same service unit carries out disinfection of facilities and equipment used in waste receiving.

After sorting the waste to be burnt is trucked to an incinerator. The waste is prevented from winnowing and spillage when transported. The incinerator dischargings pass three-stage treatment which reduces their impact on open air.

Domestic garbage not to be incinerated is stored in special covered containers on a concrete sorting base of incinerator, which eliminates the possibility of environment pollution.

Refuse burnout and waste to be incinerated are handed over to a licensed organization under a contract on waste disposal.

To carry out activity in the sphere of ecological port service the Company operates vessels-collectors for waste collection and transportation (garbage, domestic-feces and oil-contaminated waters) and a station of oil-contaminated waters treatment and a waste recycling Complex, containers for garbage collection and special trucks.

Besides, the Company’s fleet comprises Don and Svir water-carriers of 750-ton and 350-ton capacity respectively. For the water delivered by the specialized fleet onto the vessels calling in the Port of St.-Petersburg to comply with the sanitary norms the Company put into operation its own drinking water purification plant with capacity of 60 m3 per hour.