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Ecological fleet LLC

Ecological Fleet LLC is the operator of PORT FLEET CJSC. It is occupied in towing business. The company has the fleet of five up-to-date towboats: Evgenii Kocheshkov, Leonid Bochkov, Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Sestroretsk, that structurally collected the latest achievements of the world tow shipbuilding. The vessels are equipped with up-to-date and effective control facilities – full-revolving caps – «aquamasters», enabling tows of such a class to turn 360 degrees in their own length, to carry out operations on canting, with a bow, a stern or a beam of a vessel. The time of the vessel stop from full forward running to full backward running amounts to only 11 seconds. Use of such towing-vessels is especially effective in winter period to elutriate ice-layer between the harbour and the vessel when mooring the vessel. All these options significantly (up to 20-30 % average) reduce the time of tows use in mooring operations as compared to the generally equipped towing boats.

Towboats Pavlovsk and Sestroretsk are fitted out with special equipment and fire cradles, which allow using them in seaports as fire-prevention vessels. The towboats are also equipped with special windlasses providing the opportunity to work under modern techniques and to take advantage of practice when a mooring rope is supplied from the towboat to a vessel and not the way it used to be before when the rope was pulled from a vessel to a towboat. A machineman of the towboat can control the windlass tension and eliminate the possibility of towing rope break with the help of the windlass mechanism.

Towboats Uranus and Mercury (built in Tito shipyard, Yugoslavia), have the licenses of towboats and capable of carrying out maritime international haulage between the ports in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea. The towboats were numerously presented to Noble Denton insurance company.

Eridan, Uragan, Buran and Tuman tow vessels and other floating objects opetate within ports and region (water area of the Gulf of Finland).

Two tugs Moshchny and Vikhrevoi joined the company's towing fleet in January 2016. These powerful state-of-the-art tugs feature enhanced maneuverability. The boats are perfect for operations in severe ice conditions, while berthing ships at Big Port St. Petersburg.