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Fleet renewal and modernization

In summer 2009 the Company has taken the delivery of a new ecological vessel Ecomarin-3 for treatment of oil-contaminated waters. The ecological vessel has been placed at Bely Island in the Big Port of St. Petersburg.

The construction took 4 years. The hull designed by the Company itself was built by Akhtubinsk Shipyard (Astrakhan region). The vessel was fitted out by Eridan LLC (St.-Petersburg). The equipment for bilge and oil-contaminated water treatment installed in the vessel was elaborated by the Company. Technology to be applied is unique in Russia.

Design 81500 barge-based dumb vessel has the following characteristics: cargo carrying capacity – 3,000 tons, length – 92.38 m, width – 14.34 m, hull height – 4.2 m, water draught – 3.2 m, above-water dimensions – 14.5 m. There are 5 holds and 6 tanks of overall volume 2400 m3, double-deck erection and a deck-house in the vessel-station.