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Personnel policy

Personnel department, a business subdivision of company’s administrative management monitors PORT FLEET’s personnel policy fulfillment, its demand for human resources depending on the professional-and-qualification categories of the personnel and vessels types, requirements on correct and timely manning of vessels and coastal units with qualified and competent staff.

PORT FLEET employs personnel on a voluntary-basis under an employment agreement (contract) that corresponds to the RF Labour Code requirements.

There is a personnel demand schedule elaborated and updated in the company. The schedule is compiled taking into consideration engineering-and-operating parameters and operating conditions of vessels, the schedule of the company’s fleet development, career, staff age-structure etc.

To support qualification level, competence and professional level of the crew at a due level the company provides its systematic training, knowledge testing, attestation on shore and onboard ship. The aforementioned activities are carried out with participation of operating-and-specialized units of the company and vessel administrations. Ship captains also take part in scheduling and planning of trainings, testing and attestations. The whole process is monitored by the Navigation Security Service and of Technical board of top-managers.

Personnel manager: Stanislav S. Rudakov

Information for applicants: Mezhevoi canal, 5, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, tel. +7(812) 495-80-56