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Social policy

PORT FLEET Company builds relations with its employees in accordance with the Russian legislation based on principals of partnership. There are a number of benefits for the company’s employees stipulated in the Collective agreement. This document basically defining the rights and obligations of employees was signed in 2007. Each new employee to work for the company is to get to know to the Collective agreement.

Among others there is money assistance for the large families of the company’s employees that have more than 3 children of preschool and school age stipulated in the Agreement: they are given assistance in a fixed salary amount once a year. A single parent bringing up a child of a preschool and school age is annually given double-minimum salary assistance. The company also assists its employees in booking documents for treatment and recreation in children holiday camps. And when retired an employee is paid an additional money aid in accordance with record of work (10-15 years – 3 minimum fixed salaries current in the company, over 15 years – 6 minimum fixed salaries, Long-service employee of PORTFLEET CJSC - 10 minimum fixed salaries).

The Attachments to the Collective Agreement (they are an integral part of it) that define important issues related to the rights of employees of PORTFLEET CJSC.

In particular, a Attachment ‘On salary, working hours and time off’ defines uplifts and additional payment for execution of works under the conditions outside the normal ones. 40% of the salary is added for night-time work, 30% - for evening-time work. PORT FLEET’s crew members are also 10-15% extra paid for the work in ice-conditions. For the people occupied in hazardous work an additional vacation of 7-14 days is allowed for depending on the position taken.

There is a separate Attachment to the Collective agreement approving ‘A number of working places, jobs, amounts of additional payments to the salary for the employees working in hard or hazardous conditions’ PORT FLEET OJSC also has a provision on milk and other foods supply of the employees occupied in hazardous work.

The Company has its norms of working clothes, foot wear and individual protective equipment distribution stipulated in the Attachment to the Collective agreement. Everyone including a boatswain, skippers, sailors, a captain and a cook as well as other crew members and those working ashore are annually given a set of working cloths.

A provision on ‘Collective nutrition organization’ defines the cost-norms of free collective nutrition for the shipboard members of the Company’s vessels. The norms are regularly revised depending on the inflation rate in the country.

A provision on shipboard members reserve of the PORT FLEET vessels is one of the important attachments to the Collective agreement. In case of vessel holding anchorage, the employees are transferred into reserve with 2/3 of their salary paid at the last working place under the document.

PORT FLEET appreciates its employees. There is a title ‘Long-service employee of PORTFLEET CJSC’ established in the company for those working for the company over 20 years (men) and 15 years (women). Such employees are presented a special certificate and a money bonus of 5 minimum salaries. There are other encouragements envisaged for the Long-service workers such as money assistance of 10-minimum salaries for the retired, additional annual holiday, subsidized sanatoria and holiday-homes voucher.

The Company does not leave aside the employees that have not got the title of ‘Long-service employee of PORTFLEET CJSC’ but work for the Company for a long time. An employee who has worked for the Company over three years is given a lump-sum long-service reward upon the result of the year. The reward depends on the time record of work. The person celebrating a jubilee is also rewarded with 100%-salary.